Why Go for Genuine Canon Laser Printer Cartridges?


Genuine Canon laser cartridges ensure excellent printing quality because they provide all the important components to your satisfaction. That is why, it is strongly recommended to choose only the original Canon cartridges Canada, and also for these following reasons;

Guaranteed Quality

With new, authentic Canon laser cartridges, you are assured that every one of them will deliver a great result. But for refilled cartridges, you may not get the same print quality as the cartridge interior mechanisms may be partly or completely worn-out already.

The production of laser toner cartridges is an intricate process that involves numerous procedures. Canon has simplified this by developing a solitary computerized manufacture system that utilizes advanced production technology to produce superior cartridges.

Avoid Errors

A tainted photosensitive drum unit can lead to deformed outlines, blurred images and much worst, destroy your printer. Since it is among the most susceptible imaging mechanisms, the original Canon laser cartridges guarantee that they don’t amass toner on the drum and printer rollers, producing precise, spotless printouts all the time.

Cleaner Workplace

Aside from making the cartridges more compact due to its lesser components, Canon’s modern roller-charging technology is also safe to human health and the environment because it is free from emission. Moreover, all cartridges and toner made by Canon are harmless, that is why they don’t need specialized management.


With the Canon’s “No waste to landfill recycling program”, all original cartridges are recyclable. Just visit the company’s website to know more about how to recycle your cartridges.

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Why Go for Genuine Canon Laser Printer Cartridges?
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