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Printer Ink and Toner Costs – What You Need to Know

In the midst of printing your personal and work materials, you probably won’t keep in mind the cost of your ink and toner ink per page anymore. That’s pretty normal because we’re too engrossed with whatever we’re doing. But, if you add all of the costs of your toner and inkjet cartridges, you’ll find that you probably spent a lot already. So just to give you an idea, here is the breakdown of your printer ink and toner cost:

Can You Print Without Ink?

Even with the rise of digital copies, many people still prefer holding actual text-based materials like books and newspapers. Thus, we can say that the printing technology is somewhat indispensable. However, is it possible to proceed with printing even without ink?

How to Share a USB Printer from Your Computer

A printer is one of the most needed machines for people who deal with paper works. Before you start printing, you must check if all its parts are working. You must check if there is still enough ink, especially when you are using inkjet cartridges. Also, you must check if there is enough paper on the input tray and if all connections are working.

How Business Color Laser Can Enhance Efficiency in Your Office

Efficiency does not only extend to the employees, but it also applies to the equipment in your office. Having the best printers and office system can make you work faster and more efficiently.