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Is Using HP Ink in a Brother Printer possible?


Are you thinking of using an HP ink for your Brother printer? Well, it’s better to let it remain as a thought. It’s not safe because the compatibility between Brother and HP printers is unsure.

Ways to Save on Brother Toner Cartridges

Ways to Save on Brother Toner Cartridges

Ink cartridges replacement is expensive, but there are methods you can do on how to save money from your Brother LC203 ink cartridges.

Why Brother LC203 New Compatible Ink Cartridges Don’t Fit Inside Your Printer

Replacing a printer’s ink can be expensive which is why some people opt to purchase new compatible ink cartridges instead. These offer the same high-quality outputs as OEM ink cartridges but at a more affordable price. In that aspect, the same could be said for the Brother LC203 ink cartridges.

Awesome Printer Hacks That You Should Know


While printers are the most efficient tools in the office space today, they can be problematic and cause a lot of headaches. Below are some printer hacks to make your printer more productive printing easier.

Lower Printer Settings

Ways to Properly Dispose of your Ink Cartridge

Printer cartridges have a capacity to take a max of 4 refills before you should throw it away. This is especially true for Brother Lc203 Ink Cartridges which are some of the most rugged cartridges you can find. Of course, the first thing you’d probably think of doing is just throwing it away. However, this is bad for the environment and a waste, actually. Especially since there are some stores that can recycle your Brother Lc203 Ink Cartridges and other cartridges. They can even pay you! Here are some ways you can properly dispose of these cartridges: