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Quick Fix on Canon Printer Ink Error


When using remanufactured or inauthentic ink cartridges for your Canon printer, it can show false ink levels which can prevent you from printing your documents. Common error messages are:

  • low ink”

  • ink running low”

  • non-original cartridge detected”

  • non-original Canon cartridge detected”

Benefits of Using Compatible Toner Ink Cartridges

Are you in a budget and don’t want to buy expensive, original printer cartridges? Yes, you may not as long as you have an outstanding printer as there are great compatible cartridges that can give the same excellent results but is almost half the price of a new cartridge. Here some advantages when using compatible toner cartridges:

Printer Tips: A Guide to Using Them Safely


Having a printer at home can be convenient, especially for students and office workers who often need to bring-home their printing tasks. However, as with any device, you will need to maintain it for it to continue working properly. Here are some printer safety tips to help you keep your home printer running as smoothly as possible.

Ways You Could Take Care of Your Ink Cartridges


Buying inks cartridge can be a great investment. For, and for this reason, there is need for proper care. Malfunctioning ink cartridges are not only damaging to the printer but they can also be costly in the long run. Below are some tips on how to take care of your ink cartridge.

Common Printer Cartridge Problems and Their Solutions


High quality printer cartridges like Canon CLI-251 Ink Cartridges are handy tools that can get the job done both at the office and at home. However, there is nothing as distressing as a malfunctioning printer cartridge. Below are some common cartridge problems and their possible solutions.

Printer is Slow

Why Choose 100% Genuine Canon Printer Cartridges

Printers are nothing but a big box of electronic equipment without the right kind of cartridge inserted into them. While every part of a printer should be looked after, the quality of cartridge will affect the output and working life of the printer more than anything else.

How to Select the Right Canon Printer for You?


Canon has known to produce a number of high-quality products in the digital technology field. Canon printers are one of their benchmark products, and the company has been producing a series of exceptional printers for a long time now.

There are two major Canon printer series available in the market:

Replacing a Cartridge in a Canon Inkjet Printer


Installing and replacing Canon inkjet cartridges for your Canon printer offers several challenges, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It may not be easy at first, but with constant practice, everything will be smooth and easy after.

Is Canon PIXMA MX922 Ink Cartridge Worth the Purchase?

Canon PIXMA MX922 Ink CartridgesAre you planning to buy an ink cartridge for your PIXMA MX922? The Canon PIXMA MX922 Ink Cartridges offer you the ultimate printing experience at home or in the office. Printing documents and excellent pictures will never be a problem with this ink cartridge. It’s proven to deliver enhanced color and improved color fastness compared to its earlier versions. Refill your Canon PIXMA MX922 with this versatile ink cartridge to bring smudge-free documents and rich- colored photos. Here is why Canon PIXMA MX922 Ink Cartridges are worth the prize:

Common Canon Printer Problems and Solutions

Canon Cli-271c Ink Cartridges

If you cross your finger every time you use your printer, then there something wrong going on. We know how important our printers are, most especially on days that we badly need to meet deadlines in the office. However, why in all days of the year, printers usually malfunction when you most need them? So, grab a pen and paper and list all the basic solutions to common canon printer problems that we have for you. If you know how to do basic computer troubleshooting, then you can also do simple troubleshooting to your printers.

Canon CLI-271BK Ink Cartridges

Canon Cli-271BK Ink Cartridges

The internet is abundant with online tech shops selling Canon Cli-271BK ink cartridges, both OEM and non-OEM. Most Canon Cli-271BK owners are likely to opt for non-OEM cartridges because they’re way much cheaper than OEMs. However, non-OEMs have their pros and cons.


Canon MB2120 Ink

Canon MB2120 InkThere are a lot of online shops that claim they have ink cartridges for Canon MB2120 Ink. However, they’re not as reliable as the OEM ink cartridges of the Canon MB2120. But that doesn’t mean they’re of low quality. In other words, non-OEM ink cartridges have their pros and cons.