Canon CLI-271BK Ink Cartridges

Canon Cli-271BK Ink Cartridges

The internet is abundant with online tech shops selling Canon Cli-271BK ink cartridges, both OEM and non-OEM. Most Canon Cli-271BK owners are likely to opt for non-OEM cartridges because they’re way much cheaper than OEMs. However, non-OEMs have their pros and cons.


As mentioned earlier, non-OEM ink cartridges for the Canon Cli-271BK are way much cheaper. The good news is that a lot of them are of good quality despite being sold in a low price, thus providing Canon Cli-271BK owners with an economical alternative. There are even those that are as good as their OEM counterpart, and there are even those that are rated higher. Some of these non-OEM ink cartridges are sold in packages with a variety of colors. This is most advantageous to those who will purchase multiple items.


Despite having good intentions of offering a low-cost alternative to expensive OEM Canon Cli- 271BK ink cartridges, non-OEMs come with downsides. The most common flaw is that the output quality of non-OEMs is not as good as the OEMs. The inks of the non-OEM cartridges will deteriorate over time, downgrading the overall capability of the Canon Cli-271BK. The deterioration of the inks could even be faster if the printout is constantly exposed to UV radiations. Probably the worst of all, some online sellers of non-OEM Canon Cli-271BK ink cartridges claim that their products are 100% compatible even though they actually aren’t. Although non-OEMs have their cons, it doesn’t mean all of them are bad.


To sum it all up, non-OEM Canon Cli-271BK ink cartridges are not a bad alternative as long as they possess a good quality or meet your standards. But if you want absolute reliability, then you should invest in an OEM ink cartridge. It may come at a higher price, but it offers much higher quality.

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