Common Printer Cartridge Problems and Their Solutions


High quality printer cartridges like Canon CLI-251 Ink Cartridges are handy tools that can get the job done both at the office and at home. However, there is nothing as distressing as a malfunctioning printer cartridge. Below are some common cartridge problems and their possible solutions.

Printer is Slow

There are numerous reasons that may cause your printer to print at a slower speed. One of the reasons is when the wireless connection experiences a lot of traffic. Some models are also slow so as to produce high quality prints. To solve this issue, simply go to the printer settings and change the print quality.

Ink Cartridge Needs Replacement

Usually, you will know that the ink level is low when you receive a warning message. However, you should continue printing until the print quality degrades. In this case, be sure to replace your ink cartridge with authentic ones form the manufacturer.

Paper Jams

If you keep getting paper jams, chances are that the papers are misaligned or there are foreign objects in the printer. To solve this, take out the tray and ensure that the papers are properly inserted. You can also choose to manually insert each sheet and avoid over-loading the tray.

Blank Sheets Ejected

At times, your Canon CLI-251 Ink Cartridges can produce black paper sheets. This happens due to the print setting that is mostly used in offices where multiple users are printing and there is high print volumeat the same time. This setting allows a blank sheet to separate one printed document from another. To solve this issue, disable the separator pages setting.

Prints are Lighter or Darker than Expected

Sometimes the printed document appears too dark or light because of an imbalance copier’s density control. In such a case, you need to reset the density levels. Also, find out if the drum or toner machine are is spoilt already damaged so you canand replace them.

Prints have Spots

If you notice that your printed documents comprises of random spots/dots, there may be traces of debris on the copy glass. This common cartridge problem may also be caused by a drum malfunction. Take some time to clean the printer and replace a malfunctioning drum.

Steps to Fix a Dry Ink Cartridge

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Common Printer Cartridge Problems and Their Solutions
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