Awesome Printer Hacks That You Should Know


While printers are the most efficient tools in the office space today, they can be problematic and cause a lot of headaches. Below are some printer hacks to make your printer more productive printing easier.

Lower Printer Settings

Without knowing it, you could be using a lot of ink needlessly. Check the resolution setting of your printer and ensure that you set it at a lower DPI in order to save on ink.

Select the Right Print Paper

While you may want to purchase cheap print papers, be warned that they can cause damage in to your machine. Be careful not to use cheap and low quality papers that as these may cause paper jams, produce dust buildup and even retain moisture retention that may leads to curled edges.

Also, choose the type of paper depending on the quality of your printer. For instance, laser printers are great for printing text documents like papers while ink printers like Brother LC203 Ink Cartridges are designed for image printing.

Low on Blank Ink

If your Brother LC203 Ink Cartridge is running low on black ink and you don’t have the time to make a replacement, consider changing the ink to fonts like dark grey or blue. These colors are similar to black and you can allow you to continue printing your document.

Toner is Low

At times, the laser printer may notify you that the toner is low. In most cases, the powder needs to be stirred and so it can come out. Yyou can do this stir it by shaking it.

Place the Printer Next to a Humidifier

A lot of people aren’t aware that printers are sensitive to humidity and room temperature. When placed in a very hot room, the toner or ink cartridge is likely to dry out. To prevent this, make sure that you place the printer besides a humidifier. The humidifier will add moisture to the air and this will prevent the ink from drying and clogging the print head.

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Awesome Printer Hacks That You Should Know
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