Resetting Brother Ink Cartridges

Brother-Ink-cartridge-resetWhy do you need to reset Brother Inkjet cartridges? When a prompt says that you need to change the cartridge, you have the option to reset your Brother Inkjet cartridges. You may do so to save yourself from buying new ink. This is because the ink cartridges are not empty yet.

Also, you may opt to reset your Brother Inkjet cartridge if your printer’s ink detection is faulty. Though resetting your Brother Ink cartridge might be a temporary fix, it does help:

Methods to Reset a Brother Ink Cartridge

Depending on the model of your printer, there are few different ways to reset a Brother Ink cartridge. So, always check the model prior to resetting to prevent further errors.

1. Turn off your Brother printer. After a few minutes, turn it back on. Then, open your printer’s cover by following your printer’s manual. Next, press the cancel and print buttons together, then push the “+” button. Choose the printer ink cartridges that need a reset.
Press “Enter” to complete the process.

2. Turn on the printer and open the toner door. Look for “Clear or Back” button and press it. On the reset menu, scroll down through the options and choose what you want to rest and push the “OK” button.

Again, resetting your Brother Ink Cartridges may not be the main solution, but it can help at times. In addition, you may think about consulting a reliable local supply store to check if refilling the cartridge would be a solution since it is cheaper than replacing or purchasing a brand new cartridge.

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