Can You Refill the Ink in Your HP Ink Cartridge?


A lot of printer users have been asking online and in printer shops if they can refill HP ink cartridges in their HP printer. The answer to the question is yes; however, there are several information you need to know before doing this action.

The big question is, are you willing to take the risks of using remanufactured or refilled brands against the original HP ink cartridges?

HP Ink Cartridges vs. Re-manufactured Cartridges

In a study which was done by Buyer’s Laboratory and commissioned by HP, original HP ink cartridges have far better quality and reliability compared to its re-manufactured counterparts.

The study conducted in 2014 has shown that 37% of the tested remanufactured cartridges failed right away after installation to the printer. Some did not even work even if they were just

fresh from their respective boxes. In contrast, original HP ink cartridges work all the time with no problem.

The same study also showed that original HP ink cartridges printed more in terms of quantity compared to its refilled counterpart. On the other hand, re-manufactured or refilled ink cartridges instead produced more wasted pages compared to the original one. The results just show that choosing cheap refilled cartridges will not in any way help you save money. Instead, it will just create more problems and lead to more expenses.


Choosing the best inkjet printer for your printer is still your choice. However, choosing original HP ink cartridges is highly recommended as they’re far better when it comes to reliability and quality.

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Can You Refill the Ink in Your HP Ink Cartridge?
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