Can You Print Without Ink?

Even with the rise of digital copies, many people still prefer holding actual text-based materials like books and newspapers. Thus, we can say that the printing technology is somewhat indispensable. However, is it possible to proceed with printing even without ink?

There are both ancient and advanced methods that enable us to print without having to use ink. The old methods like graving, for example, don’t require ink. Engraving is an ancient method involving tools to carve or imprint words or even images on any hard surface. However, it can be a long, tedious, and impractical process. There’s another printing method which is still inkless—the hot foil printing technique. It involves applying foil to a surface and then applying pressure and heat. The result is aesthetically great, but it’s still a difficult and time-consuming method that’s not ideal for mass production.

However, there are newer forms of printing technology that enable us to print cheaply and conveniently without having to use a drop of ink for your Inkjet Cartridges Canada. We now have inkless pens. They’re also called “metal pens”. Instead of using ink, these pens write using metal alloy. It works on almost all papers. Its writing is similar to that of a pencil. However, unlike pencil markings, the metal pen’s metal alloy never swears or smudges.

We can expect more and more innovations along the way. If you are really interested in trying out methods that don’t involve ink, you can try the techniques above. However, if you are to print more conveniently, just go with your traditional printer, ink, and Inkjet Cartridges Canada. Just use the easiest route modern technology can offer.

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