Signs that You Have a Faulty Ink Cartridge

Faulty Ink Cartridge

There are many signs of having a faulty ink cartridge. Most of them start from having a blurred or blemishing print works, blotched ink, smudges, and slow processes of printing which can lead to loss in productivity. Fortunately, there is a way in finding out what causes your inkjet cartridges to be faulty. Recognizing where the problems is does not need any tools to dismantle the printer so rest assured your sanity about handling the problem will still be intact. Here are some few guidelines in checking the signs when you have faulty ink cartridge.

Checking the Signs

In northern part of America, Inkjet Cartridges Canada is famous for its OEM genuine and original ink cartridges. With that, it is much easier for you to identify if the product is faulty. The company for ink cartridges only provide high-quality ink cartridges. So, if you received an ink cartridge that smears with a visible decline on the print results, then surely the product is faulty.

In addition, Inkjet Cartridges Canada has been operating for 15 years which make the company trusted in distributing high-quality ink cartridges. If the cartridges is clogged or misaligned, there’s a huge tendency that it will cause a problem with the prints.

Fixing the Root Cause

In order to solve these problems, always make sure to read procedures and guidelines about how to properly install it. Verify the cartridge if it is right for the printer as some of the manufacturer provide specific cartridges. Also, daily cleaning can help in the performance of the ink cartridges.


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