Common Canon Printer Problems and Solutions

Canon Cli-271c Ink Cartridges

If you cross your finger every time you use your printer, then there something wrong going on. We know how important our printers are, most especially on days that we badly need to meet deadlines in the office. However, why in all days of the year, printers usually malfunction when you most need them? So, grab a pen and paper and list all the basic solutions to common canon printer problems that we have for you. If you know how to do basic computer troubleshooting, then you can also do simple troubleshooting to your printers.

Jammed Papers

If there is a paper jam, just simply turn the printer off and unplug it. Then, gently pull out the jammed paper. There should be no papers left inside. You will know that a piece of paper is still jammed because a notification that will pop up on your screen.

Out of Paper

This error usually appears even if there are still papers on the printer. You can simply remove the sheets and return them properly, making sure that all papers are aligned and no foreign objects are blocking the rear tray. Also, remove any paper that is curled and has wrinkles. And, if the paper is too thick, then it could also be a possible reason for this error to occur.

Faded Prints

If the printer is not frequently used, then this might happen. Also, a very light printed output may happen if the print head is clogged because of dried ink. You can check as well if there’s enough ink left. If this problem occurs, make sure to change your cartridges right away. Too much dryness might give you a bigger problem, so you might want to check Canon Cli-271c Ink Cartridges in this case. This Canon Cli-271c Ink Cartridges will deliver long lasting quality to your output whether it’s a photo or a document. Canon Cli-271c Ink Cartridges are available in-stores and even online.

Final Thoughts

The suggestions above simple yet effective ways to deal with printer problems. It’s important to know how to do basic troubleshooting on your printers. In this way, you can avoid complications in the future.

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