Ways to Properly Dispose of your Ink Cartridge

Printer cartridges have a capacity to take a max of 4 refills before you should throw it away. This is especially true for Brother Lc203 Ink Cartridges which are some of the most rugged cartridges you can find. Of course, the first thing you’d probably think of doing is just throwing it away. However, this is bad for the environment and a waste, actually. Especially since there are some stores that can recycle your Brother Lc203 Ink Cartridges and other cartridges. They can even pay you! Here are some ways you can properly dispose of these cartridges:

  • Look for a Good Printer Store

The first thing we advise people to do is look for a good printer store. Try going back to the print store where you bought the cartridge and ask if there’s a recycling program. You might get up to $2 credit or more.

  • Go Directly to the Manufacturer

Sometimes, the manufacturer itself has a recycling program. For instance, if you want to recycle your Brother Lc203 inkjet cartridges, you can contact Brother directly. Give them a call or check out their website to know.

  • Check Online

There are some websites that recycle the cartridges for you and pay you for it. There are others that don’t but you can just take it as a way to help the environment. Just sign up and follow their process.

The proper way of disposing of inkjet cartridge printers would be to recycle them so that you can help the environment. These ways are the surefire ways to do that.

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