Printer Ink and Toner Costs – What You Need to Know

In the midst of printing your personal and work materials, you probably won’t keep in mind the cost of your ink and toner ink per page anymore. That’s pretty normal because we’re too engrossed with whatever we’re doing. But, if you add all of the costs of your toner and inkjet cartridges, you’ll find that you probably spent a lot already. So just to give you an idea, here is the breakdown of your printer ink and toner cost:

The Cost of Ink Based on Your Printer

Depending on the brand and size of your printer, you probably have to spend around $50 to $120 on black alone annually. Color ink will cost you up to $150 a year annually depending on the brand of your printer. You may even spend up to $600 on toner cartridges in a year. This is just a rough estimate.

The Cost per Page

Now, thinking about cost per page, a cheaper printer, let’s say that under $200, will give you a more expensive cost per page rate (approximately 5.5 cents to 9 cents depending on color) while a more expensive printer can save in the long term (approximately 4 cents to 8 cents depending on color). Of course, this depends on how much you print, what you print, and how heavy of ink you use.

The Bottom Line

That said, it is actually very expensive to print and refill ink. That’s why remanufactured Inkjet cartridges are popular in Canada and many other others. Inkjet cartridges Canada are usually cheaper because they are very frugal with their options. You may want to get re-manufactured Inkjet cartridges Canada as well.

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