How to Avoid Getting Paper Jam

Epson is a printer manufacturing company known all over the world. One of their best products is Epson Inkjet Cartridges. It produces the best quality prints for black or colored projects. Epson Inkjet Cartridges produces high-resolution print outputs that are ideal for printing photos. However, no matter how high the quality of your ink is, if your printer has a paper jam, then you have a big problem.

Paper jam happens when there is a problem with paper feeding during printing. The printer does not recognize the problem, continues feeding the paper, then crumples the paper into the output tray. Sometimes, the printer may stop mid-printing. Nevertheless, getting a paper jam is a hassle and can be quite frustrating.

The best way to avoid paper jams is prevention. Here are some tips to prevent your printer from getting paper jams:

  1. Load paper correctly. Before putting the paper into the input tray, widen the guides first. Then, carefully bring them back to the sides of the paper. This will ensure proper alignment of the paper while it loads for printing.
  2. Always make sure to input the kind of paper that you will load in the tray before printing. Most controls have drop-down lists where you can choose the paper type, size, or quality.
  3. Have your printer regularly checked and maintained. Paper dust accumulates over time and may cause problems to the printer’s sensor. An inefficient sensor may cause paper jams.

With proper attention and right prevention, you can avoid having printer problems like paper jams. This will help you work smoothly and efficiently.


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