How to Share a USB Printer from Your Computer

A printer is one of the most needed machines for people who deal with paper works. Before you start printing, you must check if all its parts are working. You must check if there is still enough ink, especially when you are using inkjet cartridges. Also, you must check if there is enough paper on the input tray and if all connections are working.

For small offices and homes where there are only few computers used, choosing the right printer can be tricky. There are different printer options to choose from. There are USB printers, networked printers, printers with inkjet cartridges or laser printers, and many more. Choosing a USB printer for small locations is the best decision. USB printers cost less compared to networked printers. They are also more compact and can be shared either via a USB server or through a computer. Here are the steps on sharing a USB printer through a computer:

  1. Click on the START button and look for the SETTINGS option.
  2. Once you enter the SETTINGS panel, click DEVICES. This is where you can find the settings option for printers, scanners and other outside devices.
  3. Choose the USB printer that you will use and click MANAGE button.
  4. Once the Manage window opens, click PRINTER PROPERTIES and select SHARING.
  5. Click on CHANGE SHARING OPTIONS. Then, click on the small box before SHARE THIS PRINTER and enter a share name for your printer. The share name is the title that other users will see when they search for printers.
  6. Click on ADDITIONAL DRIVERS button if you need to add other computers that are not yet on your network.
  7. For the computers that are just added, select ADD PRINTER on the DEVICES panel and allow the computer to find the share name of the USB printer.

Using a USB printer makes the work done easier. It is a faster and more reliable way to connect several computers with a single printer.


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