Why Brother LC203 New Compatible Ink Cartridges Don’t Fit Inside Your Printer

Replacing a printer’s ink can be expensive which is why some people opt to purchase new compatible ink cartridges instead. These offer the same high-quality outputs as OEM ink cartridges but at a more affordable price. In that aspect, the same could be said for the Brother LC203 ink cartridges.

However, some have claimed that their new compatible ink cartridges do not fit their printers the same way their OEM Brother LC203 ink cartridges do. To help clear up the confusion, this article will share with you the reasons why your new compatible ink cartridge doesn’t fit.

Patent Issues

Because of patent issues, compatible ink cartridges are legally not allowed to copy the OEM cartridges exactly the way they are. This is why the compatible Brother LC203 ink cartridges are shorter and smaller than the OEMs.

What You Can Do

This doesn’t mean, however, they won’t fit your printer. They may not fit at first because new compatible ink cartridges require additional strength to properly install them. Therefore, what you need to do is insert it more firmly than you would ordinarily do your OEM cartridges. However, if it’s really stuck, carefully take it out and try again.

Buying compatible ink cartridges instead of OEM ones can help you save on costs, especially if you need to replace them often. While they may not always be exactly the same with the OEM cartridges in terms of size, they offer the same high-quality output as OEMs – sometimes even better – without the expensive price tag.

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