Printer Tips: A Guide to Using Them Safely


Having a printer at home can be convenient, especially for students and office workers who often need to bring-home their printing tasks. However, as with any device, you will need to maintain it for it to continue working properly. Here are some printer safety tips to help you keep your home printer running as smoothly as possible.

  • Place it on a solid and even surface

Printers shake during printing so placing them on an even and solid surface will prevent it from falling over when you print, especially when unsupervised as with wireless printers.

  • Put some distance between you and your printer during the process

This is especially important if you have long hair or jewelry that can get caught in the rollers during the process. Therefore, to avoid anything other than paper getting caught in your printers and accidental hair pulling, it’s best you keep distance from your printer while it prints.

  • Use only genuine ink compatible with your printer

Using genuine ink for your printer ensures only high-quality outputs and compatibility with your printer model. Moreover, using genuine ink also ensures that no ink buildup blocks your printer heads as they often lubricate and clean them as well. So, if for example you’re using Canon Cli-271 ink cartridges, ensure you use genuine ink for them to ensure their durability.

  • Store your unused ink cartridges properly

Ideally, you need to store your unused Canon Cli-271 ink cartridges in room temperature to prevent them from drying out and becoming unusable.

Maintaining a printer is fairly easy. If you follow these tips, your printer will last you a long time.

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Printer Tips: A Guide to Using Them Safely
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