How You Can Avoid Printer Ink Leaks

If proper care is not taken while refilling your ink cartridge, you may find that the ink will begin to leak out. Printer ink leaks lead to unwanted ink streaks when you are printing a page with your printer. This makes is pretty difficult to print a clean page. The worst part of it is that it causes your ink to run out quickly.

There are times that the streaks disappear after printing a few pages. Sometimes however, the refilled cartridge will keep on leaking and your all your printouts will be ruined until you either fix the leak or the ink runs out. But then, printer ink leaks can be avoided altogether. Here are few things you can do to avoid printer ink leaks.

So how can you prevent your ink refill from leaking out?

  • Buy from a reputable online store

Branded ink cartridges are usually the most reliable because they are sold under the printer manufacturer. However, these branded ink refills are quite expensive. This is why a lot of people prefer to buy generic ink cartridges and refills. Those ones are quite cheap, and they are widely available.

The issue with generic ink cartridges and refills is that there are many defective or leaking products in the market. So, one easy way to avoid printer ink leaks is to buy a quality product. This requires that you buy from a reputable store. Online reviews can be a good guide on this.

  • Take proper care in refilling your ink cartridge

Some printer ink leaks occur because the ink cartridge was refilled too quickly. When inkjet cartridges are refilled too quickly, tiny air bubbles are trapped inside them. This could either lead to ink leaks or a blockage in the ink flow. It is, therefore, advisable to refill your inkjet cartridges as slowly and carefully as possible in order to avoid ink leaks.

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