Tips on How to Reduce the Usage of HP Toner and Ink

On the average, more money would be spent on the purchase of HP refills than on the purchase of the HP printer itself. The printer is bought once, but you will have to refill the toner or ink regularly. In order to cut cost, most people would care to know how they could minimize the usage of their HP toner and ink before they would have to purchase another refill. Here are few helpful tips

Here are helpful tips to make your HP Refill last longer:

  • Buy good quality cartridges and refills

Cartridges and refills that are less than standard quality tend to leak. This can cause from minimal to large streaks on your printouts. When this happens, your ink will be consumed faster than usual. If you buy the correct toner or refill for your printer from a reputable provider, your HP refills will last longer.

  • Adjust your printer settings

If you are using laser printer, check for the output resolution in your printer setting and reduce it. If your printer is inkjet, set it on draft mode. With these settings, the printer will use less toner or ink as the case may be. Many times, there is not so much difference in the print quality if you use these settings, especially if what you’re printing is plain text.

  • Use “print black only” mode when necessary

When you set your printer to print black only, the printer only uses little to no amount of color ink to produce a black image. It is advisable to use this setting when printing black images; otherwise your printer would automatically configure the black color using as much as 30% from the color cartridge. Using the “print black only” will definitely make your color ink and toner last longer.


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