Why Multifunction Printers are Perfect for Small Offices

Many printer manufacturers are now offering models that provide multiple functions in a single unit. Often, these devices include print, fax, copy, and scan capabilities in an all-inclusive machine. These multifunction units are usually marketed for small business and home users. Below are the reasons why multifunction printers are perfect for homes and small offices:

  •         It is more convenient to use

Multifunction printers give you the convenience of additional features that you may not have considered purchasing. A multifunctional printer commonly includes fax capabilities, which allow you to receive or send an occasional fax without having to spend on a separate machine. With a multifunction printer, you can also scan an image and print it using the same equipment. It provides another level of convenience and saves time since you no longer need to go from one device to another. Since multifunction printers do several functions, it is best to find the best inkjet cartridges Canada for high-quality outputs.

  •         It saves space

Another great advantage of having a multifunction printer for your small office is its space-saving feature. Instead of finding a place to put your printer, fax machine, scanner, and copier, you only need to look for one since these functionalities are housed in a single machine. Since small offices commonly have space constraints, multifunction printers make for a good option.

  •         It is cost-efficient

While the purchase price for an all-in-one printer may be higher compared to traditional ones, it is still more cost-efficient than buying multiple machines. Also, it costs less to maintain a single device than multiple machines.

  •         It saves electricity

Multifunction printers commonly require a single cord to power the entire machine. Aside from reducing the cable congestion, it also lowers the power required to have the device running, which leads to more cost savings.

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