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Printer Tips: A Guide to Using Them Safely


Having a printer at home can be convenient, especially for students and office workers who often need to bring-home their printing tasks. However, as with any device, you will need to maintain it for it to continue working properly. Here are some printer safety tips to help you keep your home printer running as smoothly as possible.

Printer Hacks When You Are Low on Ink

Did you know that whenever the printer driver tells you that you’re low on ink, it may not necessarily be true? In fact, your cartridge may still even be half full and you don’t even know it! This is because printer cartridges have these sensors that have an algorithm to detect whether your printer is almost out of ink. On one hand, it could be because companies purposely want you to buy new ink but on the other hand, having too low of an ink level will damage the cartridge. The trick here is to keep on using ink until it really reaches a low level wherein you should replace or refill. Here are some tricks to do that: