Is Using HP Ink in a Brother Printer possible?


Are you thinking of using an HP ink for your Brother printer? Well, it’s better to let it remain as a thought. It’s not safe because the compatibility between Brother and HP printers is unsure.

Quick Fix on Canon Printer Ink Error


When using remanufactured or inauthentic ink cartridges for your Canon printer, it can show false ink levels which can prevent you from printing your documents. Common error messages are:

  • low ink”

  • ink running low”

  • non-original cartridge detected”

  • non-original Canon cartridge detected”

Ways to Save on Brother Toner Cartridges

Ways to Save on Brother Toner Cartridges

Ink cartridges replacement is expensive, but there are methods you can do on how to save money from your Brother LC203 ink cartridges.

Benefits of Using Compatible Toner Ink Cartridges

Are you in a budget and don’t want to buy expensive, original printer cartridges? Yes, you may not as long as you have an outstanding printer as there are great compatible cartridges that can give the same excellent results but is almost half the price of a new cartridge. Here some advantages when using compatible toner cartridges:

Why Go for Genuine Canon Laser Printer Cartridges?


Genuine Canon laser cartridges ensure excellent printing quality because they provide all the important components to your satisfaction. That is why, it is strongly recommended to choose only the original Canon cartridges Canada, and also for these following reasons;

Guaranteed Quality

How to Troubleshoot Brother LC51 Ink Cartridges


Most of the time, printing is an easy, hassle-free activity. But sometimes, it can become very terrifying when you suddenly learn that your printer is out of ink or making disturbing sounds, especially when you have a deadline to meet.

Fortunately, you can troubleshoot several issues on your cartridges all by yourself.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Toner from Island Ink-Jet & Laser Toners


From very inexpensive remanufactured ink cartridges Canada to trustworthy top brands and its inhouse line of great packaged of printing compatibles, the Island Ink-Jet & Laser Toners products are guaranteed with excellence in more than 40 stores throughout Canada.

Introducing the EPSON Ecotank Printer


Epson recently released an array of printers that would save you some cash on ink cartridges. the Epson Ecotank printer will guarantee that you’re acquiring genuine ink from the printer maker at a price that is almost ten times less inexpensive than authentic ink cartridges and at a competitive price when compared to unbranded cartridges.

Why Brother LC203 New Compatible Ink Cartridges Don’t Fit Inside Your Printer

Replacing a printer’s ink can be expensive which is why some people opt to purchase new compatible ink cartridges instead. These offer the same high-quality outputs as OEM ink cartridges but at a more affordable price. In that aspect, the same could be said for the Brother LC203 ink cartridges.

Printer Tips: A Guide to Using Them Safely


Having a printer at home can be convenient, especially for students and office workers who often need to bring-home their printing tasks. However, as with any device, you will need to maintain it for it to continue working properly. Here are some printer safety tips to help you keep your home printer running as smoothly as possible.

Eco-friendly HP Printers: A Canadian Innovation


With the threat of climate change, there has been increasing pressure for large companies to reduce their carbon footprint and take a more environmentally-friendly stance when it comes to their products. Plastic, in particular, is a major problem because of its non-biodegradable nature.

Awesome Printer Hacks That You Should Know


While printers are the most efficient tools in the office space today, they can be problematic and cause a lot of headaches. Below are some printer hacks to make your printer more productive printing easier.

Lower Printer Settings